Our background originated many years ago with the design and manufacture of log-splitters, sold to the farming community throughout Scotland - although we moved on to other things in the interim many of these log-splitters remained fully operational for over 25 years.


It was only 2-3 years ago when we had the severe winters that the idea came up to resurrect an interest in this field, by chance through being asked to carry out emergency removal of hazardous trees following severe winds and having the experience and equipment to do so. Having installed 2 wood stoves at home, we used logs ourselves, but gradually developed and built new specialist equipment for removing hazardous trees, and for log-splitting, and our log supplies for sale come only from this source, we do not harvest forestry trees.


 Present Day 

During the course of these activities we have worked with various other specialists in related fields, and are familiar with their professional standards of service.


 The Market

We found that customers often remarked how their initial requirement, usually for "rapid response" tree removal, would often lead on to a requirement for related projects such as landscaping and design, or tree or hedge work, and we put them in touch with the specialists we know and use with very satisfactory results.


 Fife Log & Tree Services - who are we?

We supply logs and tree removal services, but are part of a network of local businesses who have successfully worked together many times, providing all services including stump removal, tree surgery, hedge-trimming, landscaping, turfing, and bulk tree supplies. If you're "stumped"! for a reliable contact for any type of related service - just give us a call or send your enquiry by email.


 How does it work if I need more than one of the Services? 

Call or email us in the first instance and tell us what you are looking to have done. We will discuss your requirements with you initially, and then put you in touch with the other specialists in the fifelog&treeservices network. Then it's up to you, there's no hard sell and you have the benefit of contracting directly with the specialists in the various aspects of your project giving you direct control with each, yet knowing we will be working together as a team. We work with only one or two specialists in each field who are known to us, we are not associated with any contractor referral organisations.


 What's the benefit to me of a team of contractors? 

You manage the project, you control it, and when you have queries about individual aspects of the work you deal direct with the specialist in that field, instead of getting somewhat vague advice from a non-specialist allegedly in charge of the job. Also, if for any reason you want to use your own specialist for any part of the job you are free to do so without causing any discontent, there's nothing worse than getting "attitude" from people you are paying to do a job for you! Feel free to compare prices, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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