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Logs are whole or split, and are available in lengths from 6 - 12 inches, in 3 sizes of bag, or in bulk. Depending on bag size, we supply logs of your chosen length in either Softwood, Value Hardwood, Superior Hardwood, or Kiln-dried Superior Hardwood.


You can collect supplies from our yard or we offer free delivery within a 15* mile radius (see below for minimum order quantities).


(*Please note that for deliveries to south of the Forth a delivery charge will apply within a shorter distance, as well as to any other address which is further than a 30-mile return road journey distance from and back to our depot. Just contact us with your delivery address for a quote.) 




Builders' Bag

Builders' Bag size - 1 cubic yard bags.


Prices include free delivery within 15* mile radius, subject to a minimum order of 2 bags.



Softwood - £80

8 - 10 inch length only



Value Hardwood -  £85 (poplar, lime, chestnut type)

8 - 10 inch length only



Superior Hardwood -  £100 (oak, beech, sycamore, elm, cherry type)

in 6 - 8 inch, 8 - 10 inch, or 10 - 12 inch lengths 



Kiln-dried Superior Hardwood - £125 per bag

in 6 - 8 inch, 8 - 10 inch, or 10 - 12 inch lengths



Kindling - extra-large net bags - £10 per bag

Sackbarrow Bag

Sackbarrow bags - these hold approximately 40% of the Builders' bag size.


Prices per bag include delivery within 15* mile radius, subject to a minimum order of 3 bags.


Softwood - £40


Hardwood - £48




Handynet Bag

Handynet Bags - these hold approximately 16 logs.


£8 per bag, including delivery within a 15* mile radius, subject to a minimum order of 15 bags.

Bulk orders and discounts


Discounts are available for bulk orders, and collection - please call us to discuss your requirements, or send us an email.

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